Digital Ads Package

Who is this Digital Ads Package intended for?

If sales and marketing are your number one priority, then this is for you.

Who will do the work?

Lari Heikkinen

  • Digital marketing experience: 10+ years.
  • Education: MBA, BBA & IT Mechanic.

What does the Digital Ads Package include?

The total cost of the Digital Ads Package

The service provider is a foreign company (Big Mango Solutions Ltd.), so the VAT on the invoice is 0%.

Package cost


Package A cost

1990 USD / month

  • Includes items covered in the "What does the Digital Ads Package include?" section.

Package B cost

1490 USD / month

  • Includes the items covered in the "What does the Digital Ads Package include?" section, except advertising texts are not included in this option. This is an option for those customers who want to do all the texts themselves.

  • Payment is made to a bank account in Europe or Thailand.

Additional campaigns, e.g.

X (Twitter)

Additional cost

399 USD / month / SoMe digital platform

  • E.g. Digital Ads Package plus Twitter advertising. 1990 USD + 399 USD = 2389 USD / month.

Additional campaigns, e.g.

SEO landing page

Additional cost

999 USD / month

  • For example, a Digital Ads Package plus an SEO landing page. 1990 USD + 999 USD = 2989 USD / month.

Digital Ads Package advertising budget

Advertising budget


  • The advertising budget will be paid on top of our service (Digital Ads Package), and this will be paid to Google and Facebook (Meta).
  • Currently, our customers' advertising budgets in this package are in the size range:


E.g. Digital Ads Package plus advertising budget: :

  • 1,990 USD / month + 1,500 USD / month (advertising budget) = 3,490 USD / month

Personal referrals

Mikko Tekoniemi - CEO

Working with Lari is really easy. He does the agreed things on a fast schedule and precisely.

Lari's professionalism is excellent. Optimization of campaigns takes place regularly, and thanks to that we have achieved significant increases in results.

We have received a lot of good development ideas for our online store and marketing from Lari, which we would not have been able to think of ourselves.

The marketing world is changing at a rapid pace. Fortunately, we have Lari, who keeps our digital marketing up to date.

And what kind of results do we achieve with shoes?

Juha Kummunmäki - Chairman of the Board

Lari has managed the advertising of our online store mainly on Google and Meta channels. However, the cooperation is extensive and if needed, help can be found anywhere.

When working with Lari, it's best not to stress about whether the cooperation will pay off. The reporting is easy to understand, and you can also trust that there are no stupid questions.

Long experience and a bold attitude enable thinking from the point of view of the entire business, taking into account different factors and channels, and new experiments do not cause difficulties. Marketing channels, algorithms, and technologies are constantly updated, and for an online store that wants to develop, staying on the "wave crest" is a substantial competitive advantage.

Especially compared to big digital marketing agencies, the absolute advantage is that the contact person and the worker do not change day-by-day, the results are constantly developing as the cooperation deepens. Communication works excellently and the campaigns are always up-to-date.

Mervi Ketolainen - Marketing coordinator

Doing digital marketing with Lari goes perfectly, and as far as Google is concerned, you can leave your website ranking in the search engine in the hands of a professional.

We have set marketing goals together, which have guided Lari in directing different channels, campaigns and budgets. Lari has a long experience in Facebook marketing and it is precisely in testing the functionality of various campaigns that he does long-term work, looking for the best possible ways to achieve effective marketing.

We have chosen Trello as our common communication channel, where we make plans and where different assignments are reviewed. The communication channel also works excellently for discussions, sparring, and reporting. Sometimes it feels like we are "on top of" marketing 24/7 because being in a different time zone makes it possible to start your work day in the morning and read what kind of campaigns have already been turned on while you are sleeping.

If I were to describe Lari and his work in one word, it would be agility. This kind of quick response works great for me. When you are looking for a great employee, in Lari you will find a great professional for your marketing team.

Michael Shafer - Ph.D. - Harvard University

President, Board of Directors - Warm Heart Worldwide

Lari is creative and full of ideas. He delivers on time and on budget, and his solutions work! He can simplify complex concepts and so engage everyone as a team making it much easier to transition to a new marketing concept.

Pasi Tasanen - CEO

With Lari, things have always been done as agreed within the schedule. His duties include technical optimization of Valja's websites, CRO, Analytics & SEM / SoMe.

Markku Nylund - CEO, M.Sc

It has been essential for us to experiment with different methods and to make quick changes. It has been efficient to work with Lari and things are handled as agreed upon with excellent professionalism.
We have been able to focus on thinking about the website content and have been able to take advantage of Lari's development ideas. We have seen effective optimization of campaigns in different digital marketing channels. This has been a very positive development, which we could not have done on our own.
Functional and easy.

Tommi Partanen - Chairman of the Board

Lari is a professional in data-based marketing, with whom things are handled proactively and comfortably relaxed. Both I and our customers have been very satisfied.

Jami Pietilä - Chairman of the Board

Lari has strong expertise in the digital marketing and working with him is fast and effortless.

Henni Hietala - coordinator

Our collaboration has been wonderful and the marketing campaigns carried out by Lari have brought our operations significantly more visibility. The work has been continuously developed in the direction of improving results. Lari has been proactive in terms of implementation and reacted quickly to our ideas. Working with Lari has been very pleasant and easy.

So what are the first steps?

  • Let's start with a video call or an e-mail message, where we will see what your needs are.
  • E.g.
    • Do you have a Google Ads and Facebook Business account?
    • Do you have the necessary analytics in place?
    • What are your goals and other needs?
Video call options:
  1. Google Meet.
  2. MS Teams.
  3. Whatsapp or we will send you a video call link.
  • Invoicing takes place every month, either on the 1st or 15th, according to the agreement.
  • The report is sent to email / Trello / Teams no later than the 3 th of each month.
  • If for some reason you want to cancel the package, the notice period for the package is 30 days.

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